He's a gay walf.

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Hello I am the gay walf! Also known as Mondanzo! A very nerdy, IT focused dude, that wants to work with hardware but sucks at it. Has a Howlr account and too many unplayed games. Is a furry but for some reason doesn't have many close furry friends. If you want to talk to me you can either A) Scroll up to the social links again or B) Shoot me (please don't do this literally) a friend request on Discord @Mondanzo#1815. You most likely found this website only anyway cuz I sent it to ya or you saw it on Twitter.

Ref Sheet

The fursona is based of a Wolf and for the artwork uses the base from samalamb-bases.

The fur is grey with a light grey line going down in the center of the chest. With black hair at the top always pointing in the same direction as the snout. Blue eyes and light grey beans and black claws. Light grey fur inside the ears and one big tooth always pointing out of the mouth downards on the visible side.






Fur Base


Fur Highlight







I commissioned a Sticker pack by Carameldevill (a friend of mine) and it turned out great! Follow them over on Twitter @Caramelfur!
Here you can see all the stickers and add em to your Telegram too!

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